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Anna started practising Yoga in 1995 when she moved to Southern California, a Mecca for health and wellbeing. She realised immediately how powerful yoga was as she felt more energised, more positive and happier after just one class. She went on to train in Kundalini Yoga in 1999 and since then has trained in many different styles.

She is also trained in Yoga for Mental Health and is a certified Mindfulness Instructor. She is passionate about empowering people to improve their mental and emotional wellbeing using simple yoga and mindfulness techniques and she expresses a genuine care for all her students. 

What Nature means to

Anna ...................

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"I'm at my best in nature...co-creating with my natural surroundings and enjoying a connection of stillness and oneness with the natural world". 

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Yoga Sessions

Yoga is a gentle physical practice that helps to stretch and tone the body, calm and relax the mind and lift the spirits. All levels are welcome, including complete beginners, and all participants are invited to listen to their own bodies and practise at a pace and level that is comfortable and safe for them. Anna's sessions are comprehensive and always include breath work, meditation, relaxation and postures.



..........I will be eternally grateful to you.  I know how passionate you are about helping people of all walks of life and I cannot thank you enough for passing on your knowledge and passion to me.  I now have the most amazing tool that is free, healthy and joyful to use wherever I am.  Without you I may not have made this discovery.  I want to thank you with all my heart .....

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