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What Nature

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Nature Inspired Living Courses

About Sarah

Sarah Spencer is author of the book Think like a Tree: The natural principles guide

to life. She is passionate about woodlands and all things natural.  


Sarah studied sustainable design (Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design) and

realised that the same natural principles she observed whilst designing gardens could apply to her own life, including finding true happiness and fulfilment whilst living with chronic illness.  She was a founder and lead permaculture designer of Whistlewood Common. Her journey now leads her to share her learning via courses and workshops, helping people to achieve their potential, become more resilient, be healthier and

happier in a very real and practical way. She believes that seeing ourselves as part of

the living world, rather than separate from it is vital to heal people and the planet we share with our green cousins.

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Sarah and her fellow facilitators offer courses and workshops that explore principles derived from nature, inspired by nature’s 3.8 billion year old success story. These share how we can learn from nature for health, wellbeing and living a good life.


Think like a Tree programme


This 15 hour programme shares a step-by-step design cycle that can be used for a wide range of personal circumstances – relationships, health, wellbeing, leisure and work.


Think like a Tree workshops

Workshops are offered at festivals and other events. Bespoke workshops for groups and workplaces are also available.


Online courses


A variety of different alternative ways of learning if attending in person is not possible.

About Think Like A Tree

Sarah's Testimonials

 “Profoundly life changing – it simply made me feel like I do have a say in my life, that I could have control over my life again and choose my path, and how to achieve things (through small and slow solutions), and how to harness and make changes for the better.  It’s not that difficult and beyond our reach, when as Sarah has demonstrated in the course, that simply distilling down and being taught the natural principles as applied to our own lives.  It has turned my negative thoughts of insurmountable impossibilities into actual possibilities.”

Sarah's Contact Details

“I try to spend 100% of my time surrounded by nature, whether that be outdoors or inside. It’s somewhere I feel totally connected, but most of all inspired.  I love learning from nature’s wisdom - how we can all live better lives”