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Alyson's path in wellness therapies began after years working in NHS surgical dentistry.  She was suffering high levels of stress, all of which lead to health problems manifesting in fertility issues. At this juncture a good friend could see the effect stress was having on her health and decided to send her for a reflexology treatment; to cut a long story short, she now has

 an eight-year-old daughter.

This sparked a curiosity in Alyson for all holistic therapies, wellness and reflexology being at the forefront of her interest.  She now practices a wide range of wellness treatments including reiki, massage, gua sha and Indian head massage. Her main passion is still in helping couples on their journey to becoming parents and beyond. Modern day stress often plays a detrimental part on our health, but nature, holistic healing and grounding are powerful aids to combat this stress. Alyson is  a dedicated practitioner of holistic medicine and actively encourages a love for the healing powers of nature.

What Nature Means to

Alyson ............

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"Nature is in our wellbeing and wellbeing is in our nature. Nature to me is part and parcel of my being, it should be nurtured and respected."

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About Reflexology

Our bodies are masterpieces of art and engineering constructed by nature. 


Reflexology is a natural healing therapy that has stood the test of time. The aim of reflexology is to aid your body by releasing any imbalances, tension, toxins and bring about your natural healing process.  Head to toe healing with advanced facial reflexology, hand reflexology, VRT movement in minutes reflexology and foot reflexology.

Alyson's Testimonials

"Highly recommend Alyson for reflexology. I had a Facial Reflexology treatment from Alyson at the weekend and it was the most relaxing treatment I've ever had. Feel amazing and my face was glowing afterwards"

Alyson's Contact 


Phone:   07484 210308

Email:     alynaturalbalance@yahoo.com

Website: www.naturalbalanceholistics.com