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Updated: Dec 18, 2020

When we set up Wellbeing at Whistlewood, our aim was to create a unique wellbeing community within the 10-acre community owned woodland at Whistlewood Common. We have worked hard towards removing barriers to health and wellbeing that exist for many people. We are delighted to share that we have received the “Green Therapy Business of the Year 2020” award from the Federation of Holistic Therapists, the UK’s largest professional body for wellbeing professionals.

Many people have said they love our Strap-line “Wellness without Walls”. This blog will explore what our strapline represents. Both Anne and Helen have spent many years in medicalised “consulting rooms”. It is our believe that wellbeing can only really be truly achieved through connection with nature which means literally spending time in Nature, be it through total immersion in Nature through Forest Bathing or having an Indian Head massage session under a Tree.

Our “Wellness without walls” approach takes away barriers offering a place in Nature to truly “BE” and experience calm in simple, supportive ways where there is a warm, community welcome. Holistic therapies, mindfulness and wellbeing classes are enhanced by experiencing the sensory and health benefits of being amongst trees.

Many may presume that our experiences are just provided in the Spring and Summer months but there are significant benefits to spending time in Nature in the colder months too which include supporting immunity, lifting mood and emotional health. At recent Retreats participants shared that Winter was their favourite month, where they feel at their best.

It is not just being in nature that our guests value. Time spent with Wellbeing at Whistlewood will be “screen-free” too as we are off-grid. Swapping your phone for a day to spend time staring into our campfire and sharing time with our like-minded guests will become a cherished memory that you will want to repeat. The sense of relaxation you will achieve from time spent in our beautiful roundhouse with the log burner creating a cosy atmosphere will support your wellbeing needs.

Corporate “Wellness without Walls”

It is not just our individual guests who benefit from Wellness without Walls; Corporate Teams also benefit from time spent in Nature and away from the pressures of work.

We provide Inspiration, engagement and support for teams to work in new ways and embrace challenges. Again, our off-grid nature provides challenges to find alternatives to Powerpoint.

Embracing diversity/inclusivity

Barriers to health and wellbeing exist for many people and that can be a form of Wall.

Our guests come from diverse communities across a wide range of ages and individual financial means.

Valuing and welcoming diversity is central to our ethics and vision of being an inclusive community for health. Our facilities support a wider range of support needs than many woodland settings. We offer a secure place to relax and feel safe. Our highly trained team of wellbeing and creative professionals have extended their training to include diversity and inclusion needs.

As a community for health we work with other organizations and aim to offer wellbeing opportunities to people whatever their financial circumstances. We provide a number of free and concessionary places on a range of our experiences. Our guests have been extremely supportive during this difficult year for our wellbeing professionals. We believe that our professionals deserve to be paid fairly whilst supporting the needs of our guests. As a community for health we believe that we have found a balance where mutual support and respect meets our collective wellbeing needs.

We are working with other organizations and professionals to ensure that our events and facilities meet the needs of people from our communities. We believe that wellbeing in Nature should be accessible for all people and each person should be included equally.

Supporting diversity is essential within Nature for the survival of every living being. We strive to be an inclusive community where all in Nature are valued and celebrated. In difficult times, it can be hardest for the people on the edges of communities. People have been challenged by this year and it has never been more important to provide support for each other’s individual needs.

How the current situation has affected our Services

2020 has been and unusual and challenging year for us and our wellbeing team as for so many people.

Our roundhouse and yurt are our shelter and base for activities. The fact they cannot be used has restricted our Retreats in particular. In contrast, our outdoor wellbeing events such as Forest Bathing, Forest Therapy, outdoor therapies, yoga and meditation have thrived this year when restrictions have allowed. We have learned to adapt by incorporating campfires for our outdoor, socially distanced meetings and wellbeing experiences. This year has truly demonstrated how our Wellness without Walls approach has provided the safest wellbeing opportunities in the current situation.

We look forward to being able to offer our popular retreats soon.

Future plans

Relaxation and meditation spaces are abundant at Whistlewood with future plans to create further spaces under trees, in forest gardens and by water. You really do need to be here to find your Wellness without Walls! We look forward to seeing you.

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