Are you Plugged Into Nature?

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

2020 has been an unusual and challenging year for so many people. Six months into the situation we are now in Autumn and wondering what comes next?

It has been a year of contrasts for Wellbeing at Whistlewood but Autumn is bringing new hope and opportunities. We offer wellness experiences and services that help people to connect with Nature for their wellbeing. We support people to be in Nature, enjoying each Season and to experience the rich benefits of living fully around the whole year.

We have been planning for our “Green Recovery”, a Nature inspired plan to steer us onto a sustainable and rewarding path for the future. Autumn reminds us that change is inevitable and “to let go”, like a tree sheds it’s leaves. The leaves fall to the ground and change to become nourishment for the soil which feed the tree roots and all other plant life. This is part of life where Nature is diverse, ever changing and full of surprises. We also have time to store up food, energy and positivity for the colder months ahead. Finding meaning and purpose in each Season can help us to become more aware of the wellbeing benefits and pleasure that each brings.

Supporting diversity is essential within Nature for the survival of every living being. We strive to be an inclusive community where all in Nature are valued and celebrated. In difficult times it can be hardest for the people on the edges of communities. People have been challenged by this year and it has never been more important to provide support for each other’s individual needs.

We are working with other organisations and professionals to ensure that our events and facilities meet the diverse needs of people from our communities. We believe that wellbeing in Nature should be accessible for all people and each person should be included equally. The Whistlewood Common team have been working hard to extend the accessible tracks from the car park around the hub and up to the accessible toilet.

Autumn offers us a wealth of colour, texture, beauty and sensory opportunities to reflect on the year and to be thankful for the good things. Some things this year we can let go of and learn from. We can be thankful for the times where we have made the best of difficult situations. Nature offers us space, calm and energy to just BE.


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