Wellbeing at Whistlewood ensures that all professionals, wellbeing course and class leaders are highly trained, insured and belong to a recognised professional body. The wellbeing and development of our professionals is a key part of our ethos. This is partly achieved through delivering our own Professional Development Days.

Our Professionals




Anne is an experienced holistic therapist and educator with over 35 years experience of supporting health and wellbeing. She is also a Certified Forest Bathing Guide and Forest Therapies Practitioner.  She is a member of the College of Medicine and Integrated Health

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Her background in healthcare and health promotion as a nurse and midwife led her to train in massage, aromatherapy, infant massage and counselling studies to offer holistic approaches to wellbeing within the NHS and private sector.

Anne introduced aromatherapy and relaxation to a local maternity unit. 

Anne has a passion for facilitating learning, mentorship and coaching and has held practice facilitation and lecturing posts within the NHS and the University of Nottingham.

What Nature means to 

Anne ...........

"Nature is my happy place. I feel safe, held and protected in Nature. My senses are inspired, and soothed and my wellbeing is supported."

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Anne's Contact Details

Email:   info@wellbeingatwhistlewood.co.uk

Phone: 07443 413370




Helen is a Registered Homeopath with 15 years experience in holistic health. 

Helen has had experience of running a private Homeopathic service as well as being contracted to provide a service on the NHS. She is also a Certified Forest Bathing Guide. She is a member of the College of Medicine and Integrated Health.

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Prior experience includes human resource management in a multinational company. 

She is currently a Board Director of Whistlewood Common Limited with a particular focus on Event and Workshop Management and Co-ordination

Helen is passionate about facilitating holistic wellbeing for all.

What Nature means to

Helen .................

"Nature guides me whilst bringing me peace, stillness and nourishment for  my mind, body and soul"

Helen's Contact Details:

Email:   info@wellbeingatwhistlewood.co.uk

Phone: 07760 396684

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