Our Caterers, Andy and Katherine prepare wonderful vegetarian food with healthy nutrition in mind. They cater for our Retreat Days and other events. They cook and heat using wood-fired stoves, barbecue, campfire and handmade pizza oven. The food they serve is freshly prepared from local ingredients and chosen to reflect the particular event we are delivering. They can easily cater for special dietary needs.

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A great advocate for living sustainably and providently, with a large slice of creativity, Andy has spent many years running his own pottery studio, teaching, facilitating workshops and developing his manual craft skills - transferable skills, as he likes to think, which brought an enthusiastic leap into another passion.

In winter 2015 after designing a new range of tableware and running his first Pop-Up restaurant ‘Suburban Peasant’ was born - a soubriquet for Andy’s double act as Potter and self-styled Chef. 

He subsequently developed his favourite home recipes and this culinary and craft double act continues, promoting food with a focus on health & nutrition through FERMENT at Whistlewood, festival food stalls, private catering, and his chef d'oeuvre the Luna Society Supper Club.

When he’s back on Earth he can sometimes be found grubbing about in his small garden, gathering home grown produce. He cooks every day for himself and family, eats a huge portion of porridge oats each morning, and bakes bread at least once a week. 

What Nature Means to Andy

"Nature has been a close friend and ally, a refuge a celebration, an amazing visual retreat and resource, but it also brings a realisation of how we humans need to engage with the reality of living within the natural environment of this planet, and fight to rebuild its beauty, wildness and power"

Testimonials for Andy's Food

"That was the most wonderful Japanese lunch. A gorgeous balance of flavours and a wonderfully colourful palate. My first foray into Kimchi left me wanting more!"

Contact Details for Andy

Email:   andymasonceramics@gmail.com

Phone:  07724 881601

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Katherine’s background is in the arts and crafts having been a glass blower and jewellery maker, selling works to Liberty’s of London and Harvey Nichols as well as selling her work in several museum shops in London.  


“My glasswork has always involved a lot of bright colours, as has my watercolour and pencil crayon artwork.  I love sharing my love for colour when teaching art and design.   As well the artistic use of colour I’ve realised that is also a feature in my vegan and vegetarian cooking, where I am always looking to serve people fresh wholesome flavours, where they are literally eating a rainbow and getting a wide range of vitamins and minerals for optimum health benefits. I find cooking a very creative way of caring for peoples well being and love the happiness it brings.  


I have been vegetarian for nearly 40 years now, I have way too many cookbooks and a long history of visiting amazing veggie restaurants and cafes and I like to bring all that knowledge and experience to people who maybe starting out on their vegan, vegetarian (or meat reducing) journey.  I see more and more how the art and food I create really do feed mind, body and soul"

What Nature Means to Katherine

"It means space to me, room to breathe in the smell of wet grass and soil. Its a colour palette that surrounds me and inspires me".

Testimonials for Katherine's Food

" The food was outstanding. I would love some of the recipes ..."

Contact Details for Katherine

Email:   k.parrish@btconnect.com

Phone:  07721 070076