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Retreats, Away days for Teams, Workshops and one-to-one sessions

Alison has been coaching academic staff and students for over 34 years across 6 Universities in Higher Education & as a Professor of Visual Culture & Contemporary Performance for 20, which led to her training and qualifying as a Life & Performance Coach and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, professionally accredited by the National Council of Psychotherapists (NCP).

She has coached clients to prepare for new chapters in their lives: a change of career, redundancy, retirement,  healthy wellbeing & lifestyle, leadership & promotion, confidence & self-presentation skills, phobia problems.

She is a qualified Aromatherapist, Reflexologist with Foot Reading and Visual Diagnosis, Indian Head Massage, Diet and Nutrition, Holistic Massage and

Ear Candling Holistic Health Practitioner.

She is passionate about learning, facilitating and enabling others to live the life they love, to love the life they lead, to laugh and to simply be.

"Walking in Nature holistically heals my mind-body-spirit, it feeds my soul, intuiting where I need or want to, where I choose to go next"

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Coaching for Change creatively in Nature 


Alison loves coaching whilst walking in nature with clients, whether one to one, with groups or planned events with organisations, including ‘Away Days for Teams.’ It is that sense of space, slowing down, connecting creatively with the healing power of woodlands. A work team can benefit from nature’s energy, positively building relationships towards identified goals or future projects.


She can facilitate, enable and support creative nature connected seasonal workshops for groups, utilising coaching activities to generate discussion, enabling a deeper connection to nature & what it can teach us about our own lives. 


Alison offers ‘Campfire Conversations for Women’, an authentic, face to face conversation by the fire, in nature, with cake & hot chocolate, bringing calm, shared joy, improved energy, positive relationships and CAN DO CONVERSATIONS. Looking at ever-changing flames, smelling the fire, hearing birdsong and each other, tasting home-made delights, feeling present, relaxed, positive and purposeful.


'As a Senior Staff Nurse in a busy critical care unit in London, I signed up to coaching sessions for NHS staff, that’s how I met Alison, whose coaching with NLP techniques was an amazing experience for me and has enhanced my confidence and understanding of my own qualities and potentials. Her coaching led me to develop and adopt a more positive mind-set and mentality that enhanced my personal and professional relationships, feeling that I was able to cope better with difficult situations, interpret behaviours differently and avoid conflict.  Life coaching has definitely helped me explore myself deeper.’


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Email:  Alison.oddey@btinternet.com

Phone: 0789 999 7431

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