Natural Movement and Barefoot Running Professional

One-to-One and Small Group experiences

Phil provides opportunities to explore movements that make us human, such as crawling, walking, running, and jumping and loves to do them outdoors, in a natural environment, where mental and physical wellness gets a further boost. Achieving your goals through movement doesn’t have to feel exhausting and unrelenting, it can feel liberating and energising.

What Nature means to

Phil .....

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“The word nature makes me think of trees and forest paths that stretch for miles. It’s certainly where I feel most connected to and at one with the natural world.”

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About Natural Movement

and Barefoot Running

We are natural movement experts as children, but as we go through school and begin work, opportunities to continue our movement journey are limited and we lose our naturalness. However no matter your age or ability, it’s never too late to revisit the movement process we went through as children and rediscover just how capable the human body is when given some gentle and consistent input. Whether you want to be able to keep up with the kids or run with your bare feet on the earth, reconnecting to natural movement is something that can benefit everyone.

Phil's Testimonials

“I was always fascinated with the idea of barefoot running and was given the opportunity today to give it a try. Thanks Phil for making it so comfortable and easy when I had always been a little nervous with the thought of doing it on my own. Great morning and can't wait to get out and give it another go!”


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